Cristiano entrenando.

New purchase is officially on the waiting list 

New purchase is officially on the waiting list 

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 Anonymous asked: "*giggles a little as your hair tickles my face but keep sleeping* -Sergio"

*buries my face in your chest and breathes heavily in my sleep from the heat of the night*

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Can Real just start playing now please? I can’t be bothered with this two and a half hour wait

Training + Del Piero visit + Dallas arrival | July 28, 2014 

Before departing for Dallas, Ancelotti’s men had one final practice at UCLA. Ronaldo trained alone for the second consecutive day. He was the only available player not named on the call-up sheet for AS Roma.

Alessandro del Piero: “I came to say hello to Carlo Ancelotti. He is the best manager of all time and I’m very pleased for him because he won the Tenth. It was a beautiful moment for him and for Real Madrid.”

“I have played a lot of matches against Real Madrid and it is always great to play there and against such an incredible club. They have also reinforced their squad extremely well. I watched James during the World Cup and he is an incredible player. He is very young and has a lot of potential. Kroos will fit in well. He will be a very important midfielder for Real Madrid.”

Kickoff vs Roma is Tuesday, 9:15 pm EDT | Wednesday, 3:15 am CEST.

The Unexpected: Chapter Twenty Seven 

Scarlett’s outfit: Dress, Clutch Bag, Heels

Mesut’s outfit: Shirt, Jeans, Shoes


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what fernando torres really thinks (insp by x)

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My heart just broke


Gary Cahill discusses Chelsea’s pre-season visit to Austria. 

If these exercises don’t work then I don’t know what will

If these exercises don’t work then I don’t know what will

Consistent Love: Chapter Sixteen 


Anthony’s outfit: Shirt, Trousers, Shoes

Ana’s outfit: Blouse, Jeans, Heels, Bag

Marco’s outfit: Training Jumper, Training Tracksuit Bottoms, Boots


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