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Remember Me: Chapter Twenty-Three 

I apologise for the long two month wait for this chapter but as some of you know; I always go through all of my other stories and I have also had a few one shots that I needed to complete. But this story is back now and I am going to try and update it as frequent as I can for you as I have received a few messages in people asking when the next chapter will be up. So it is here now and I hope the wait was worth it xxx

David’s outfit: Top, Blazer, Jeans, Shoes

Hannah’s outfit: Dress, Clutch Bag, Heels

David’s POV:

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Sergio pretends to drop the Copa del Rey

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El Matador del Real Madrid


Sergio on airport 


Sergio via twitter


Sergio via twitter



Words can’t describe how proud I am of these idiot!!!!! 

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